Monday, August 15, 2005

An effective, but costly, cure

An effective, but costly, cure

(To access this story requires free registration at the Los Angeles Times website.) How would the proposal outlined here impact on Sagam? How could Sagam insert itself into the debate by coming up with concrete information about that impact? In other words, if this proposal were to implemented what would all the effects and implications be for Sagam and its people?

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Odera said...

For Sagam to benefit from any Malaria intervention program, it will be necessary to adopt a multifaceted approach:
1/ Vector control of mosquitoes ( cut bushes, drain stagnant pools of water PLUS controlled spraying)
2/ Universal use of treated bednets, with special focus on childred (U5) and pregnant women
3/ Early diagnosis and treatment of childhood fevers at household level.
Availability of new chemotherapy alone is not enough. Sooner rather than later, the parasite invariably develops resistance to the new drugs, forcing us back to where we have always been, helpless victims of the little mosquito and the parasite.
Finally, malaria control must urgently adopt a community empowerment approach which, sadly, not enough of has happened in Africa so far.